Welcome to The Farm Girl Chronicles

Being able to share the things I’ve learned over the years is important to me. It’s sort of a pay it forward system to thank everyone who has helped me become the farm woman I am today.

A little background:

  • Raised on a farm but it was gone by the time I could really learn
  • Left the farming aspect of life much of my life
  • Came back via a soul searching mission that landed me in front of barns and cattle
  • Been farming since 2009
  • Managed to connect with some awesome advisors
  • I learn a lot by trial and error
  • Literally started and built a farm from the ground up
  • Marketing career background
  • Passionate Ag Photographer
  • All round crazy person (Have to be to be a farmer)

As the posts come about on this blog, they will always be about one aspect or another of everything I go through, discover or learn. I’m only going to try highlighting the good but there will be some discussion about the bad portions too.

I will be discussing different aspects of MY life, what I go through personally and what happens around me.

All posts will be mine and mine alone. They will reflect my opinions and perspectives. I’m not asking for feedback or comments. If you do, keep them positive and constructive or they will be deleted.

Hope you enjoy the journey as much as I do! 


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