Pigs WILL Bite

Last year, I start raising pigs. 4 piglets purchase to raise for meat. 

Downfall, the day I went and looked at them, I feel in love with a floppy earred, spotted gilt.

Baby Petunia

She’s well trained, which means she’s spoiled just a little. Okay, maybe a lot.

I can rub her belly and she flops onto her side for belly rubs. I can ride her around her pasture. Kids love riding on the “big pig”.

Miss Ava rides Petunia the Pig

She goes for walks on a halter.

Here I am walking my pig!

All has been great until yesterday. I’m not sure what’s going on with her. She just kind of turned her head and SNAP, insta-crocodile.

She’s bred to have piglets on December 1st. Maybe it’s that her body is going through hormonal changes. Maybe she saw me as a threat. Whatever it was, it turned her into a 2 second instabitch!

The results could have been much worse. One scratch and one puncture wound.

Little Bo-Bo

It hurt like hell where she caught me too. 

Here’s the lesson for you to know. Pigs WILL bite. Doesn’t matter sometimes if you do everything right. Doesn’t matter what you do. It can and probably will happen.

I listened to an idiot comment that “I should have worn boots” or “I told you so” for a full 10 minutes before I lost it and not so kindly told them to just shut up.

Here’s another lesson- Pigs WILL bite. Boots will protect you some but not in all places. They can still bite higher and there isn’t much you can do.

Piglets bite. They can be trained, just like Petunia the Pig was. There still isn’t an iron clad deal that says they won’t bite.

The criticism doesn’t do any good either. The negative comments are put downs. We can all call out hind sight or be arm chair quarter backs. Guess what, PIGS WILL STILL FUCKING BITE!

Life on a farm is rarely without cuts, scrapes, bruises, trampled toes and broken bones. It WILL all happen the longer you are around the farm.

It happens. I’m not telling you not to cry. I will, I don’t care. I’m a girl and dammit it hurts. There’s no need to be vicious to the animal either (unless it’s repeated). 

There’s no point in looking hindsight unless you’re standing out there in full knights armor and/or shark proof materials. If you do that, I seriously want to see it! 

It will happen. You will get bite, stepped on, kicked, run over, knocked on your ass, get charged, fall down, pinch fingers.

You’ll learn that washcloths/paper towels  and duct tape work to cover large wounds. You’ll learn that sometimes steel toed shoes are bad…. Ask the people who’ve had them cut off because a fat ass cow literally weighing a ton (close at 1750 lbs) stepped on their toes. You’ll learn that you’ll need to befriend a good chiropractor to reset that slight disjointed shoulder because you worked halter training calves. You’ll learn you need a good doctor that knows when you come visit, X-rays always come first.

You’ll learn to stock up on peroxide, benedryal, gauze and tape. You’ll learn that callouses will form on your hands and rip off while doing hay. You’ll always find that nail where it shouldn’t be because it WILL stab you in the foot.

These things will happen. You’ll learn to roll with the punches and learn how to “Doctor” yourself because that hour plus at the doc office is just too much time gone when you have 1,000 other things on your plate.

You will learn how to handle pain and keep pushing to get things done. You have too because there won’t be a single person to cover for a “pig bite”.

You become a farm woman. A FarmHer, a RancHer. You throw on your paper towel and duct tape to stop the blood and you keep going…. Usually to find the hole in your boot in a puddle. Good thing you carry duct tape to make a patch.

Farming will leave you battered, bruised, crushed and bitten BUT don’t worry, you’ll call them a filthy name and finish the day. You’ll end up with a smile on your face because YOU are still kicking and NO WAY will one damn pig ruin it.

To that “Stupid Bitch” that bite me, I dare you to do it again. You’ll go for a nice country ride to meet a special friend of mine. I’ll wave so long but I’ll be back in a week to pick you up. Bacon sounds better by the day. PS, then I’ll bite you back! 😂

Until next time ~ Doreen


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