The Observer

I’m just an observer of the world around me.

I observe the pastures for growth to feed the cows and pigs.

I observe the soils for bug and earthworm activity.

I observe the cattle as they graze, lounge and chew their cud.

I’m an observer of the growth and development of piglets and calves.

I observe Mother Nature in all her glory from changing seasons to playing fawns.

I’m an observer of the weather too and rather dislike that Old Man Winter. Cantankerous ass that he is.

I observe the sunrises and the sunsets.

I observe the big blue sky and the birds that float against her backdrop.

I observe the way the leaves twirl in the wind, the way clouds form and pass by.

I’m only here to observe and guide. To take care of all that I’ve been blessed with. I’m here to observe and manage as best I can. 

As the days pass by, I’m an observer of change and I learn to adapt. Days get shorter and colder, they get longer and warmer. The leaves turn red and fall away, to come back another day in a vivid green.

I am an observer of change. Change never fits in a one size only box, that’s what all this observation has taught me.

Change is unique. Each day is different. Each small piece of ground is different. Each blade of grass unique. Each tree with its own stamp of growth and markings. Change happens everyday in every moment.

It’s constantly evolving and shifting to new patterns. As a farm girl this observation has been crucial to me. As change comes, the best adapters are the observant ones that notice the changes in nature. The shifts from one pinpoint to another.

You learn how to predict and assess. Only you that works the land, livestock and more in tune with natures changes will know how to prepare for tomorrow.

Change is inevitable. Working in symbiosis with nature can give you all the keys you will need. Listen and observe.


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