Fall on the Farm

Fall is always a favorite and worst time of year on the farm.

Starting in fall is when I actually get to start making my yearly income. There is a cycle to everything here on the farm.

In April, calving season begins. Depending on what the young one’s are going for, depends on how long I have to wait to get paid for what I do with them. If I sell them as feeders, I won’t get paid until they are six months plus. If I raise them for beef, I will be waiting until they are around 18 months old. Most of the calves from 18 months ago (that means 2015 calves) are now heading off to the butcher shop. Pay day!

It works the same with pigs. My current method is to purchase piglets in May. They get raised for six to seven months and then head off to the butcher. That means I have to wait for 6-7 months to get another pay day.

It’s difficult to invest funds into all the grains it takes to raise the pigs and the fencing materials for raising the cattle. I would be lying if I said that fall didn’t make me happy for the reason that I get paid this time of year. I also love the colored leaves, the crispness in the air and how the leaves fall off trees.

I know this is short… But after the hectic last few days of loading up pigs, processing pumpkins, handling book work and invoices, and winter prep work I think I’m going to relax a little and start on those handmade Christmas gifts I do every year.



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