Truth is Stranger than Fiction

There are days that I sit back, thinking to myself, “Did that really just happen? Am I really still alive?” About a month ago, I had one of those evenings. A post today about Arby’s service venison sandwiches got me thinking about that specific evening. The article talked about getting the venison from deer farms.

Deer farming is a unique thing to do. After a brief discussion on one of my social media groups, we were discussing how deer invade our pastures. They will jump fences, knocking them down from time to time and forage away on the lush regrowth.

Here is where the truth becomes stranger than fiction:

While waiting for the last calf of the 2016 season to arrive, I was doing checking on the first time momma multiple times a day. As she progressed along, the visits were more and more frequent including some late night trips. One of those trips in the last few days, nearly took my life.

Entering the pasture sometime around 10 pm, the majority of the cattle are laying down and starting to rest for the evening. I checked the heavily pregnant heifer and was rubbing along her back. My only light source coming from my cell phone light. That cell phone light doesn’t produce much more light that the immediate area in front of you.

As I was checking her, I wanted to see if she was tense (clenching teeth) or relaxed (chewing her cud). As I moved up along her back, I see the reddish color of what I thought was one of the bull calves that’s here on the farm. Upon reaching out to pet the little guy, I was kicked at and the most god aweful snorting huffed through the air.

It jumped up, spooking the rest of the cattle and as I starred down with the animal, it’s big ears notified me that it wasn’t my calf at all but a white tail deer and beside her were her two young twin fawns. She spun away in a huff with her tail flying. She scared the crap out of my cattle which created a stampede. As they blast through one temporary fence line, another huff set through the air, spinning the animals back toward me. Still charging in a blind rage, my tiny cell phone flashlight illuminated the crazed eyes of the stampeding herd.

I’ve never been so scared in my life as I was in that moment. I got kicked twice and luckily spun out of the way as several came charging straight toward me. Somehow as they all blasted past, I was still standing. Unfortunately, they blasted through another fence line and charging through the hard gate to get away. As I sped through the pastures in my pickup, praying that I could get in front of them to spin them away from the next gates I realized just how lucky I was.

After closing up the gates and getting them spun back toward the direction they had come, I let them run and dispel the fear pulsing through their veins. An hour later, they were situated back inside of the rebuilt fences and calmly grazing away, like nothing ever happened.

I said a lot of swear words that night, dealt with some seriously high stress but all that said….

I touched a wild white tail doe! 

and somehow lived to tell the tale.

It’s not an episode I ever want to repeat or would like to hear about from anyone else. So as a side note to those ladies operating cattle farms… beware of those jersey looking white tail deer. They can cause a hell of a commotion!


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