Daily Update 1/1/17

Got a bit late of a start today. No, it wasn’t from staying up all night to watch the ball drop. It had more to do with doing too much yesterday.

I’m now down by two more animals, have spent time with friends and family and I’m ready to go back to the normal schedule.

The piglets were very excited to see me coming with the feed pail. They are always happy to see me but they were extra happy when I came around the corner an hour late! They are all growing so good and are such good little pigs!

The weather was so nice today that the cows decided they wanted to graze out in their pasture. Nothing brings me as much peacefulness as watching them graze on the horizon. It makes me breathe a little slower and a little deeper.

Was so nice to have the temps into the mid 30’s and have some sunshine. For being upstate New York, it was a perfect beginning to the year.

I’m happily awaiting the arrival of another batch of piglets. I’m disappointed they missed my birthday and New Years but that’s okay. Now I’m hoping they come at the end of the month, after the others are weaned from their momma and I can use that area as a piglet yard.

Tomorrow, I need to make some arrangements to relocate a few animals. Two that belong to someone else and two that will be coming here to the farm. I’m on edge trying to decide what to do but it’s time to take matters into my own hands and just get the job done.

I’m looking forward to sharing more this year on the life I’ll be leading. There’s so much going on that I might miss some days but I’ll give it my best. I’m going to consider this my journal of farm adventures.

Bedtime for me now because morning comes way to fast and this week has been over eventful but I’ll be able to share some weights on pigs tomorrow. I’ll also try to remember to get a video or photo of the cows headed to a new grazing area too… I know it sounds strange to rotate grazing grounds in the middle of winter but it works.

Happy New Years!


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