Daily Update 1/3/17

Today dawned with a warm morning and lots of water. It’s rained most of the day so everything is slippery ice and mud.

It was fun watching the piglets out there shaking their heads as the rain drops hit their ears. It wasn’t fun seeing the cows slipping around on the ice.

Today has been a thinking day with a pad of paper, calculator and a lot of thoughts rolling around in my head. I need to express that part of this was brought on by a conversation yesterday about caring for animals proactively, rather than reactively and knowing what market options are out there.

So here I sit today think about farm income, planning for 2017 sales and replanning some options for what ifs. I haven’t even started to consider options for vegetable sales, if I decided to take on more duties and plant the size garden I want.

Today, I’m thinking and rethinking… I’m make a huge leap in production from 5 pigs to an anticipated 40. What happens if I can’t sell them as pork? What will I do then? Should I sell some gilts? Should I sell feeders? To who and how?

There are so many questions I need answers too. Right now is when I’m nailing down my strategy on what to do. I’m late this year, normally it’s been done months prior. So here I sit with my thinking cap, a pen, paper and a calculator trying to make decisions.

I’m excited but it’s also daunting work too. There’s other stuff on these planning sheets too… like skills classes to offer and/or take, new options for products like soaps and cheese, photography sessions and events and so much more. I can’t take any of it as it’s some marketing stuff to set me apart and make me into the farm I want to become.

I really need a massive office and lots of white boards to draw on! 

But I’m going to digress for a moment…

I really want a drone. Late yesterday, I got a great shot of the pastures from the next door neighbor. I could have so much fun photographing and recording the cows and pigs! 



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