Daily Update 1/4/17

Been working today on developing a book… 

Since my real background is in sales and marketing, I’m working on developing a manual to help other small farms market themselves. After years of suggestions, I’m finally going to give it a try.

There’s finally an outline complied. That’s a huge step for me. It’s awesome to actually be able to think through the process and gain one step closer to be able to assist other farms successfully stay in business.

It helped that I could watch the cows grazing on the horizon, as a gentle reminder of why this is all so important to me going forward. This whole farming thing for me is very emotional. I’m connected as part of my own well being.

If I can share this feeling with others… I want to do so. It’s something important to me.

Not much news on the farm front. It’s windy but warm. Snow expected. Just another January day in upstate NY.


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