Daily Update 1/12/17

Dealing with health issues sucks. My sinuses are running faster than the water from the hose to fill the cow tub… It’s driving me a little crazy and the sinus pressure is making me miserable.

Up nearly all night long with the “drip” that’s not a drip, I’m slugging through today. I’m short tempered and easily frustrated. Thank goodness the critters realize this.

Halo, the abandoned calf that thinks I’m momma, decided to play the head butting game today. This is the first time he’s acted like a goat. Running backward and then charging forward to slam into my leg. It’s something that he must be broken of. Kills me to have to even tap his nose but he’s already too big and probably weighs more than I do. He could do a lot of damage to me with that hard little head of his. As much as I love him, it’s not cute that he does it.

It’s a rainy and crappy day here today, unseasonable warm and wet. Mid 50’s and heavy rains have turned the ice ponds of yesterday into massive mud pits. Gotta love Upstate NY winter weather.

I’m working on getting the final arrangements completed for the new alpacas to come… Maybe tomorrow. Schedules seem to keep getting messed up and the guy with them has been a royal pain in the ass about availability. It’s just been a rough couple of weeks all the way around…

I did forget to bring up that I taped the piglets again on their day 57. They ranged from 44 to 59 lbs. I’m so impressed with how well they have grown. I think it could be better but I’m not complaining at all. They are steadily gaining, happy and very healthy. Weaning will happen this weekend. Oh the joys that will end up bring!!!


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