Update 1/14/2017

Lots of activity yesterday afternoon… 

  • piglets videos for the YMCA Learning center for 3-5 year olds
  • Trip to the butcher for a beef order pickup
  • The arrival of ALPACAS 

Yes, you read that right… alpacas.

I’m starting to think I’ve lots my sanity, okay truthful it didn’t just start to vacate.

A dear friend contact me saying they needed a good home and they could think of no one else that would take better care of them… so here they are. They were homed on another farm and after a bumpy ride of what I’ll politely say was “plowboy” tactics, two month and several headaches later, they are here.

*plowpoy – an old school country boy or farmer that doesn’t like dealing with women, under any circumstance or for any reason (intensity increases around farm women and women of authority)

Needless to say between scheduling, rescheduling and absolutely absurd expectations to drop new animals off between the hours of 10:30 pm to after midnight… it’s been a fiasco. The fiasco continues with denial of all records now too. The battle is far from over on this one.

Someday, I’ll sit and talk about the plow boy and why all of this backstory is important. Right now, I need to focus on waging war (because there is no other term to use) to get the information he has and told people he had. 

Nothing more upsets me that someone who neglects to fulfill obligations as an owner or caretaker. As a caretaker, you document medical treatments, foods, conditions and any other notables. Anything less is neglect and downright dumb!

I mean come on… how could you be mean, neglectful or cruel to animals like this? 

And the best part, the sing or hum to “talk”

Yes, yes… I’ll get videos soon! 😍


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