Daily Update – 1/16 PM

I know I said I would do morning posts but there was something that happened today that I’ve NEVER seen while raising pigs.

A boar piglet that’s not supposed to be able to hit puberty until 3 months at the earliest, is 9 weeks old and twisting his little pecker out and dropping loads!!!!

Re-evaluate! NOW! The phrase “dammit” came out of my mouth more than once… so now during the next vet visit, I need her to check all the gilts or give them shots for gestation (pregnancy) prevention. One damn little obnoxious boar piglet causes chaos.

To those that don’t know, pigs have a corkscrew penis.

The newly named “Magic Mike”, who hit puberty at NINE weeks!

I won’t get into the reproductive capabilities. Right now, I need to work on getting a plan of action in place.

I’ll update as decision are made!


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