Not so Daily Update – 1/21

What a fun filled week and now into the weekend… well, not really but no one died, I’m still walking upright without assistance and I overslept this morning.

Been a crazy morning already since I slept in until 10 am and then had to scramble around doing morning chores and checking on a sow.

Let’s talk morning chores. When a farmer is late with feeding, animals are grumpy! It reminds me of those snickers commercials where the initial character is “hangry” and then changes into a calmer character once it takes a bite of the snicker bar.

That’s pigs all the way. Grunting, barking, trying to literally climbing the walls kind of hangry. After they get food, they settle right down, nice and calm.

After chores, I had to put together invoices, a flyer for beef available and do some upgrades on a new project. Had company come check on the progress of animals, visit the new alpacas and they even brought me a pitcher for water or juice with a cow on it.

After all the commotion and activities to get off today’s to do list, I finally have a half hour break… more coffee and it’s back to doing the evening chores. I’m already tired enough that I’d like to go to bed. After dinner, I just might… that way I don’t oversleep again tomorrow.

Good news is that I’m up to date on invoices, order sheets, advertising and no more weekend visits scheduled. Tomorrow, I’ll work on year end for 2016 and get all my records updated. That will mean I’m all caught up with the farm stuff. Sadly, that makes me very happy.

I also want to work on a new area for weaning piglets and get the boar moved. Shouldn’t take too long to get that finished up. Slow progress doing it alone but I’ll get there! Thank goodness my weekend was rescheduled and allowed me a little extra time to get these things done. 

Those check marks ✔️ on that lengthy to do list are a work of art!!! 

Time for me to get back to work. I’ll update next time with piglet pictures hopefully. 


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