Chaos Ensues

I’m finally feeling like I’m caught up with the chaos that life has been for the past few days.

My hours have been spent checking and sitting with piglets, planning and more planning. A bit of year end finish up has been completed, new concepts to make my job easier and ideas on how to share more.

There is always more… more work, paperwork, planning and improvements.

This all causes chaos when trying to keep up with everything. It’s all okay and I’m feeling like I’m in a good spot with all of it right now.

Cold weather coming in tomorrow night means a Monday filled up with tons of adjustments and too many phone calls or follow ups to do. Phone calls will become emails and my back will kill me tomorrow after moving tractor buckets filled with straw to keep the piglets warm.

The upside is a day outside, hanging out with the new babies and enjoying their antics. You just can’t have a bad day when you have playful piglets!

I’ll keep it short for today and try to get lots of pics to share in upcoming posts. I’ll see what I can do to demonstrate how the packs work to generate heated beds and how piglets use straw like we use comforters.

For now, I’ll leave you with a mother son moment. A friend brought her son for a visit and they were soon fast friends with a group of 5 day old piglets! 

I love what I get to do!


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