There was a ….

My life story seems to revolve around the craziest of things. So many of my stories start with, there was a _________ (insert name, animal, or thing) and that’s what started it all.
Farming hasn’t been any different. First, there was an empty farm. Then, there was a calf. Then, it was a rescue cow… and chickens, turkeys, more cows, pigs, more cows and calves, piglets and finally alpacas. Intermix in there a couple of dogs and a cat too. 

I often ask myself how I got started in all this. It’s rhetorical. I do the damnest things… like rescuing a cow with two calves. Or answering an ad on Craigslist about a bloodhound pup that I really didn’t need but wanted anyway. Or browsing ads and finding local cattle that I desperately wanted for years at a good price.

The lastest episode of “what the hell did I just do?” involves two alpaca. Today, of all days, I decided to add to the chaos and let them run lose. It’s the first time they have ran out in the pastures with the cattle. Not my smartest moment. After they go running, jumping and kicking past the entire herd of 40 head of cattle… it hit me!!! 

I’m here by myself! What am I going to do if they attack? If they charge through the gates? If they start a stampede and blow the fence down? What happens if the horned cattle box them against the barn wall?

The end results is that the cattle seem to think the alpaca are as insane as I am, so they just stood by watching and on alert. Myself?? Yeah, I’m frantic. Pacing back and forth with all these questions charging thru my head. In the end, as my anxiety became too much, I walked away to do another task.

As I trudged straw to the new piglets for bedding since it’s going to be so cold tonight, I watched them running all over. They seemed to be having fun and the cattle were statues with a few random head turns.

In the end, they went right back into the barn. Not even a little excitement to be found. They are all nestled snug in their room in the barn, with visions of wide open pastures to run.

My heart rate has finally returned to normal and I’m ready to call it a completed day! Also well that ends well…

Later in life, I’ll tell the story and it’ll begin “There was a set of alpacas.”


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