There was a whole lotta screaming going on over here on the farm today…

To make a long story short, I’m a single handed farmer. There are just some things that there’s no way to do alone.

Pig castration is one of those things. Waiting weeks hasn’t been fun. Day after day, watching piglets grow bigger and fatter and heavier. And still waiting. Waiting for a vet to arrive on the farm…

Waiting for my appointment that keeps getting shuffled back because larger farms need a vet. Well… now I have nearly 12 week old piglets getting castrations.

It’s so much better when they are small. One person to hold and another to castrate. Done in less than 5 minutes each.

Bigger pigs? Oh yeah, they take a whole lot more work, struggle and man do they fight! 

There’s a short burst clip of the activities. 6 people, not including myself. 2 veterinarians, 4 students and me.

Needless to say… by the end of the time when we were all sore, deaf and half frozen, the vets admitted it should have been done weeks prior. Nice to hear but it’s not their lively hood on the line.

I did good today. No tears were shed and I’m still emotionally okay. Maybe I’m too tired and it hasn’t sunk in yet. 

Right now, I’m ready for an extra hot bath, a beer and a back rub. One out of three isn’t bad as I sit here on my barstool nursing a bear and waiting for wings.

Tomorrow I’m going to be sore as hell but that’s okay. Today, well today, I did loads of physical labor and got a HUGE load of work that needing doing finally off my “to do list”. 

For right now, it’s a single beer, a dozen wings, an order of fries and an extra order of onion rings (no, I haven’t eaten all day and yes I’m going to devour it all). For right now, I raise my bottle to a job finally done.

Tonight I’ll sleep since I haven’t since 5:30 am yesterday and maybe even sleep in a little late. Hangry pigs or not, I’m due for a rest.

Cheers! Salude and good night! 


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