Pocket full of Ice cream 

This post doesn’t have anything to do with ice cream… but let’s just think about what would happen if you kept ice cream in your pocket. It would melt into a mess.

That’s kind of how my day has gone. A melting, gooey mess.

Might be my heart that’s melted more than once today. As piglets nibble grain from my fingers, a crack around my heart appears. As I watch alpacas running, doing stupid crap and fighting even, another crack appears.

It’s so hard for farmers, especially women farmers, to stay detached. It’s what makes us unique within Ag. You’ll find a lot of females caring for calves, even late into the night when one under their care is sick. You’ll find more women bottle feeding orphaned lambs. Even more tending nursery stock in greenhouses.

It’s not just limited to that either. Farm women are natural caretakers. It’s something we won’t ever be equal with a man on. We are more compassionate, more giving of ourselves for others and in the end, eternally more emotional about it all.

Our emotions rule. We get attached. Our hearts melt like warm ice cream as we watch animals flourish and learn to love us back. Think it’s not true? 

I’ll list prime examples of what I have witnessed:

  • A fellow pig farmHer goes out to pasture with her pigs, she calls for them and they come running. 
  • A fellow dairy girl that gets up in the middle of the night to give electrolytes to two ill calves
  • Another pig farmHer that worries about taking a road trip because her sow is due to go into labor
  • The countless dairy girls that have shed tears and broken hearts over the loss of a beloved cow
  • Another that rescues horses from horrific situations and will then sit with an injured one all night in the barn because she doesn’t want it to be alone
  • The youngster, age 12, that excited awaited the birth of a calf for hours and sat for even longer as it was dried off, nursed and napped.

Everyone of these examples was in the past 3 days! Not one of them my own. This are my sisters, my fellowship of dedicated farmHers, and the truest salt of the earth.

Watching a commercial yesterday by Dodge trucks (which in my opinion is the greatest commercial of all time) with a voice over of Paul Harvey and his monologue about “God made a Farmer”, I realized that every single one of those things is something farm women, aka farmHer’s has done for many, many generations.

My grandmother would nurse sick calves in her kitchen and float egg bound chickens in the tub. Her mother that would get up before dawn to milk the cow, tend the calves and still have breakfast on the table before sunrise.

The generation before her that came from a city and learned how to make butter and cultured cheese. My immigrant, great-great-great grandmother that ran a business and still kept a cow and chickens in the barn behind the building.

Women, especially farm women, that came before us knew that life was hard. They knew that they would never get recognized for their contributions and the hard work they devoted. I’m blessed that those genetics were passed on to me.

The genetics of hard work, being not recognized for my contributions as much as others, and the care and compassion I know runs thru my veins have all given me the courage, the determination to keep going and moving forward.

So today, I’m content with my melted pocket full of ice cream and I’ll leave you with my all time favorite commercial.


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