Deep Breaths

Phew, it’s been one heck of an active week since I last posted.

From fast growing piglets to….

Even bigger and faster growing pigs to….

Fat snow flakes, broken gates and whipping winds to…

Happy and playful bloodhounds to….

One tired farmer from feeding hay, moving snow, carrying 5 gallon buckets of feed and water and trudging through 3 different layers of snow. 

It’s also been an active week with my nose buried in paperwork and new management binders.

From livestock records, calendars, calving dates, goal tracking and sales promotions and income/expense tracking… it’s all in this basic binder. Not sure how long it will stay this size but it’s started, going and gives me an awesome way to stay on top of managing the entire farm alone.

It’s also handy in case something ever does happen to me. Imagine how complicated it would be for someone who knows nothing about what I’m doing to take over if I ever got in an accident? Well, now everything is hard copy documented. 

From upcoming vet visits, feeding dates, and even shot records are all in there. One quick hard copy book that includes passwords for social media accounts, emails, websites, personal accounts, business accounts and all important contacts for things like feed and supplies.

I tell people all the time to plan for the worst. This is my way of securing a little of the unknowns in a “what if” scenario.

Now it’s onto my office… with whiteboards filled with important dates, names of customers and what they ordered, and to again list emergency contact numbers.

Feels good to get at least one business this organized! Just two more to go!

No one ever said I was sane or that I ever sleep much. One thing is sure… I’m more productive with my planners and organization!

Anyways, it’s been a fun filled day or browsing and conversing over 12 years of paperwork with the attorney. Now that actually makes me super sleepy. Time for an early night, a little rest and relaxation and recharge to forge ahead again tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Deep Breaths

  1. I feel you! We just got over our snowpocalypse here in Oregon, and we are actually having sun and blazing 4o degree weather!! My muscles are sore, and my nose hasn’t stopped running since early December! I love your binder. I have on just like it and it definitely keeps things readily available. My husband and kids always laugh at me and tell me I worry to much. But planning for the worst has never let me down yet! it can never get worse that the worst, I always say. Best Wishes on the years adventures!

    • The 10 day forecast here says rain to come. This up down weather has lots of us sick. Feels like a permanent flu at this point.
      I’m on my 4th set of binders. Started as a massive planner for everything. The individuals for home, business, etc work so much nicer. And don’t worry, they may laugh now but as commander in chief, they would be lost without you.
      It’s going to be a hectic year but an amazing journey for me, as always. I know you get that! ❤️

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