Knowledge is powerful, even in agriculture.

What baffles me is the sheer number of farmers, typically newbies that call me up for mentoring and they are clueless about the animals they raise.

Great example comes from 2 examples of people raising pigs.

1- I have a sick piglet (not really at piglet at the age) and I’m not sure what’s going on. Ask a series of about 5 questions. Determined the pig had pneumonia and needed treatment.

No treatment for fear of actually giving a pig antibiotics and the end result is it dies. 

One thing about me is that I’m blunt. Second is I can’t stand someone who guilt trips me over given advise, tying to flip it back on me that I’m trying to destroy them somehow. 

Weeks go by and an message surfaces. Still no apologies, just expectation over not hurting my feelings and forgiveness. I don’t forgive blanent Animal neglect and suffering… in fact, it pissed me off enough that I’ll call the local large animal investigator.

2- local pig grower has a sow that recently farrows. It goes down and it’s determined by another advisor that she’s lacking calcium. She’s given shots to get her back up.

I get a call. No mineral program in place. Sow being underfed and they are worried about saving a damn penny to spend 2,000 more plus.

End result, they stopped in and have now switched feeds. After sending link after link about those minerals needed, they saw where they had gone wrong at least.
All of this over the past few weeks has pointed out one thing to me… maybe I’m unique when it comes to this farming thing. I won’t make a single step without much research into whatever I’m doing. 

From soils to feed, 

To genetics and illness.

Nothing is left to chance. I learn as much as human possible before I alter anything.

Baffles my mind that others don’t do the same. I think we’ve lost the meaning behind “Knowledge is Power.”


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