Animal Care

So I’ve been awarded a need title, not that titles mean much but this is one that I’m proud to have.

My new title? Animal Care Goddess

How did I get it? Well, first off, I am the woman that always spends extra time learning and researching all kinds of things about animals care. Wether it be ear mites or alternative medicines to treating calves for hypothermia, I’ve always got my nose crammed in a book, watching videos or learning from others.

As a farmer, I feel this is one of my most important jobs. The job of knowing how to care for an animal that might (heaven forbid) get sick or injured. Things happen. This knowledge will be put to use at some point.

Let’s talk a little about just a short list of things I’ve learned:

  • Treatment of hypothermia in livestock
  • Holistic treatment and methods of pest (lice and mites)
  • Wound care and splinting
  • Treatment of scours
  • Treatment of dehydration
  • Pig castration
  • Nutritional requirements including mineral and vitamin needs
  • Treatment of Egg bound chickens
  • Floating of cattle teeth
  • Edema in Cattle Udders

And this is just a short list. The list continues to grow and grow. Odd examples include:

  • Diagnosis of Liver Fluke
  • Necropsy diagnosis of lung tissue damage which resulted in positive vet testing for lung worm
  • Eye damage on a cat

I’ve become so proficient in animal care, including rehabilitation of animals after abusive situations, that all of my neighbors get in touch with me BEFORE they do the local vet.

For basic care, I’ll gladly assist but anything I think might risk the animals live is ALWAYS referred to the local vet or vet college. Within the past week it’s been two calls and visits.

The first was to help care for hypothermic calves due to extremely high winds, cold temperatures and wet bedding. After chewing someone apart, giving treatment recommendations and devoting some time myself, 5 of the 6 survived. The last was not given due diligence and it ended up passing.

The second was an elliptic cat that jumped from a counter and compound fractured its leg and paw. That’s not something I can handle in any way. Afterward the cat was taken to the local vet, we then discussed treatment assistance for ear mites.

This isn’t uncommon with me at all. I’ve assisted with calf births, wound care, and a bunch of different things. 

I’ve helped others so much that I’ve been dubbed the “Animal Care Goddess”.

There are times I want to go to college, just to become a Vet. Maybe in the next life.


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