Snow days

It’s so hard to explain how difficult snow storms are for farmers.

It’s constant work created. Leave a door open and look at the result.

A good 15″ of snow drifting into the open pig barn door

The wind kicks up and drift starts….

A snow drift as tall as the barn! Rough 9′ to 10′ tall

The feeder pigs are having a difficult time getting into their feed room

To the top of your boots deep, then your knees and then your thighs trudging thru the snow.

Pushing snow above the knees

Yearling Holstein in chest deep snow drifts

Beat paths, digging out water tubs and fences that look extremely low

The final total was close to 36″ of snow. But guess what… as a farmer, my work is FAR from over. Now driveways need dig outs. Animals need hay. Water hoses need finding and roofs start losing snow.

Doorways blocked by snow

Everyone, including the animals get cabin fever. 

The guinea hen searching for green grass

Follow the leader to break trails in the snow

Cattle all snug and dry out of the wind and snow

Pigs checking out all the snow off the barn roof

And to top it all off, knocked out of the way during feeding the little pigs and escape artists going for a little run for exercise.

All in all, we all survived. Everyone is doing well. I handled it all alone, like a trooper. Digging deep and pushing hard to make sure the animals were all well cared for to the best of my abilities.

Contrary to a few comments bad, I don’t need to permission. I just do it. When there is a task that needs doing, I buckle down and get it done. I’m dedicated and determined to do what’s right for the animals. Just as others would do the same for their pets, I do for my livestock.

I took care of all this during the storm single handed other than a gate opening twice with the help from the 15 year old girl next door. No cozy blankets and no naps during the day.

I hope this inspires others to know that it can be done alone, that it can be handled… even by a woman with MS. 

As I sign off for tonight, I’ll leave you with my thoughts….

If you want something, dig deep and fight for what you want to do. Give it 110%. Ignore the hurtful words of others. Focus on the job at hand. Show what you do! That documentation shows your progress to you. Who cares what anyone else says or thinks. Be 100% authentic to yourself anyway.


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