Aches and Pains

Since the big snowfall last week, it’s been a lot of back breaking work moving snow and making sure paths were cleared for feed and water. It’s been brutal.

Saturday morning, I twisted and slipped on ice and managed to injure my lower back. After much talk with the doctor and unrelenting pain and muscle spasms, the doctor is fairly sure that I have actually sprained my back.

I had been attempting to be stretch it out, unsuccessfully, and the doctor now says she feels that it’s been aggravating it even more. Of course her next sentence would make any farmer cringe and laugh… “You need to rest it and take it easy.”

As some of you will realize by now, I’m not one to ever rest and take it easy. I’m a doer and a busy body. I need to move and go and do. It’s just who I am. Anyone that understands the life of a farmer will also know that it’s not really possible to just relax, ever.

I still get up mornings, do my chores and do what must be done. It’s a literal pain in the ass at the moment but I will keep pushing to get it done. I cannot just sit and wait or let others do my stuff. I would be crawling the walls in a really, really short time frame.

I face so many aches and pains daily it’s not even funny. Like the hole through my fingernail that I got when it got slammed between a gate and a wall. Like the dislocated pinky that I reset myself where I got it slammed between a pail and the handle somehow. Like the ache that never goes away in my foot due to muscle issues. Like the injured and wrapped knee due to a slip and fall, consequently causing a filled water tub frozen into a 200 lb block of ice slamming down on my bent knee.

Working through injuries, colds, the flu and other ailments is a standard for people in this industry. You have to be tough and you have to be determined to just keep going. There is no other options.

For now, I’ll be spending countless extra hours completing my chores because it’s what it takes to get the job done. I’m not saying I’m tough or I’m stupid… I’m saying I am damn determined to do this, not matter what is thrown my way.




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