Too Stubborn or Too Stupid

I know there are countless numbers of people that think farmers are just “too stupid”. Too dumb to get that life could be easier with a different job. Too dumb to understand how “real life” works.

But here’s the deal folks, farmers are some of the smartest people I know. Farmers have a knowledge base that is insanely diverse. From soil health to how plants grow and develop; from crops to harvesting and storage to prevent spoilage; from livestock care and nutrition to basic veterinary care; from one unique characteristics in different species of cattle and even yet more in pigs, chickens and turkeys; and in record keeping and so much more.

Farmers are FAR from stupid, many hold degrees and others have taken many classes and seminars. 

Are we a stubborn lot of people? YES, WE ARE! We have to be to overcome hurdles in weather, health and mechanics. 

A good analogy is you know when you have computer issues and you struggles for hours attempting to get it fixed? You try different things, maybe finding it works once and then doesn’t the second time. You take your computer to a technician, get it repaired. While going to pick it back up, your car breaks down with a flat. You get AAA to come change the tire and back on your way you go, pick up the computer and go home.

For farmers, the computer is livestock. The technician is a vet and that flat is on the tractor you really need to help that injured cow. You struggle for hours trying all the tricks you know, yet you can’t help. You call the vet, wait for hours and then you get a massive bill. You need to help the cow stand with the tractor and guess what… there’s no AAA for flats on tractors. That means we change it ourselves or call another repair company with another huge bill entailed.

I’m not saying that farmers are technicians or brain surgeons. What I am saying is that we have to be able to do a lot of different stuff on any given day.  It’s a complexity that many just can’t seem to grasp. Maybe it’s a stigma. I don’t know.

Others say we are stupid for fighting to build a dream, live this life and so on. If you’d just get to know us and the reasoning behind what we do, you would discover there is a complexity to why we are the way we are. It’s passion. It’s dedication. It’s compassion for animals. It’s caring for the environment. It’s about leaving things better than they came to us. It’s about leaving a legacy for generations to come. It’s about fulfilling a life mission.

If you think I’m stupid, I’d love to talk sometime. And that’s not being sarcastic at all. I’d love to be able to share what I know and talk about my mission for the future. 

If you want to come visit, just let me know and I’ll make sure the farm is secured for the day so you can tour and learn about what I do and why. If you’d like to spend a weekend and work with me, I’ll gladly take the help.

For now, I’ll be busting butt… working circles around workaholics, to get what I need to do to build my dream and leave a legacy for my future generations.


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