I’m writing this because I need too. Excuse the errors and poor grammar. My heart is broken, my eyes are gushing and I’m devastated.

The world lost a great man yesterday. One of the greats. A man I’ve looked up to my entire life. A man that convinced me I could do anything, had the kindest heart and loved many.

A great man that used to smoke cigars and looked like Col. Sanders on the sign from KFC.

A man that homesteaded when it wasn’t cool. A man that taught me so many things about fishing and meat. 

He showed me many, many things about life in general. I have so many memories floating in my head.

I was so blessed to have this kind hearted man in my life. He pushed me when I was younger, telling me it was okay to actually get good grades because I was smarter than my circumstances. He showed me love and helped me through the hardest time of my life when the rest of the family turned a cold shoulder.

He became my dad. A man I talked to about everything. I loved and respected him 110%. He was a great man with lots and lots of knowledge. He never lost faith in me and for that I will be forever grateful.

A gentle giant that loved his grits and eggs with hot sauce. A kind and caring man that was kind to so many. A man who would curl you up in his lap, no matter how big you got, to give you hugs until you felt better.

My heart breaks knowing he won’t be a phone call away anymore. It’s broken because I lost the most important elder in my life.

Rest In Peace Uncle Jim! I’ll forever remember the kindness of your heart, the good you did for others, the love you had for us kids and all the laughs over the years. You will be dearly missed. 

Fly high, where there is no more pain. Say hi to Rosie and Belle for me.